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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summertime...and the livin's easy...

Ah, summertime! The days are longer and the sweet tea is sweeter in these glorious months. This is usually the time when families get much-needed time together to do things as a family, a time when memories are made and lessons taught that cannot be found in a schoolroom. According to the Church calendar, this is also the season of learning about ‘the saved.’ It is in this time that the church emphasizes time together as a church family, trips to camp and Bible School, all of which serve the same purpose as your own family vacation – we need to get to know one another like family to truly be the family of God.
Our church is trying to do just that this summer. Amongst all of the other activities and camp trips that we’ll be taking, FBC Riesel will be creating a new Church Directory. So many new families have come into our community and church that we need some way to put faces with names. This is the perfect chance to accomplish just that. If you are a member of our church and haven’t been in a while, please be sure to sign up to have your picture taken – if nothing else it will give you an opportunity to see all the great things that the Lord is doing in this community!
Summer Line Up for the FBC Riesel Children’s Ministry
Wednesday nights (Starting June 13): The Big Game and Kid’s Kook – Kids will be able to play games and learn Biblical truths and then have a fun time learning to cook some great dishes and learn to apply God’s wisdom in a new area – the kitchen!
Sunday Nights: Children’s Choir – The children are working on a musical to be performed at the end of June. Come and join us each week at 6:00 for a fun time of praise!

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