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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This week of the year is always one of my favorites. People are crawling over the church like ants, decorating, moving things, painting things, and generally being excited. You see, this is the week of preparation for Vacation Bible School, the most important week of ministry that our church participates in. Children have the opportunity to come here and have a great time of worship, craft-making, games, and all around silliness for an entire week, all the while being presented with the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Why is this such an important week? For starters it gives moms and dads a break every evening! More importantly, though, statistics have demonstrated that the older people are, the more resistant they are to the freedom presented in the cross of Jesus. Thus, our church unashamedly offers intense, fun, and evangelistic evenings of Bible School with the express purpose of presenting the Gospel to the children of our town. There is no cost to the children or the parents; this is a ministry of our church. We think it is such an important thing for your children to hear the Good News of Jesus that we conduct Vacation Bible School every year free of charge.
Your children need to be here. They will be entertained, they will make crafts, they will play crazy games; but more importantly they will meet the Lord. Come by Monday night at 6:00 to register. VBS will be each night from 6:30-8:00pm.
We would love to worship with you and your family outside of Vacation Bible School, too. Join us for worship this Sunday morning at 11:00. FBC Riesel also hosts Bible studies, classes in world issues, men’s and women’s groups, scouts, and youth and children’s programs weekly. There is something for your entire family here.

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