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Monday, September 17, 2007

Riesel is a wonderful community, demonstrating small-town characteristics while being driven to growth and prosperity by its larger neighbors. These characteristics are considered old-world or passé by some, but it is apparent that there is something different about the people of our town. In days long passed the two central institutions in the community were the schools and the church. Although this is no longer the case in many cities across our land, I believe that Riesel still retains something of this duo-centric nature, and that nature makes our home all the more valuable.
A case in point occurred last Friday night amongst the Homecoming festivities. While at the football game the church had an opportunity to participate in one of the most important social events of the year; it was a time when members of every congregation and no congregation could stand side by side and support the young people of our community. I had the great pleasure of cheering next to Mr. Ackley, who has demonstrated remarkable leadership and report among the students. In no time he had organized a cheering section and united students of disparate ages and attitudes into one unit. Immediately after the game our church hosted 5th quarter for all Junior High and High School students. Just like the student section at the game, youth from all traditions gathered together under one roof and worshipped God together.
There was no need in all of this for an orientation or a transition; the people of this community easily made the shift from one cultural center to another. The students and adults alike retain the sure knowledge that at the heart of this town stand the schools and the church, the two most necessary institutions of our day.

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