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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rustler Article for 5.19.11

Baptists often get picked on because of our business meetings, and, quite frankly, we pick on ourselves for them too. At first glance it looks like we “lose” a Sunday night of Bible study every month to talk about the finances and complain about things not getting done in the church. It’s true; some churches have regrettable shouting matches at their monthly business meetings that can split the hearts of the church, if not the church itself. We need not dig too deep to find evidence that such contentious arguments have happened in each church’s history in our community.
But from a Pastor’s perspective the business meetings we labor through look like something else entirely. For me, business meetings have become something of an opportunity for response among the members of the church. It is here that ideas are kicked around, that the leanings of the heart are vocalized, that action is taken and ownership of the ministry of the church is claimed. You see, ours is a church full of ministers. Some get paid to preach or lead children or youth, but all of the members of our congregation are expected to be ministers in the fullest sense of the word.
The last few business meetings have made me want to burst with joy and pride. People are volunteering to take on difficult tasks in our community and congregation, risking their hearts to achieve what God has called us to in Riesel. Others are coming up with new ideas for ministry to address the needs of our town and church, making the Gospel more accessible to those who hear it sparingly.
I’m increasingly proud to know these people, young and old, who are earnestly struggling to do God’s will and work in his Kingdom. It’s time for you to be a part of this group of servant leaders. Come worship with us and share in the Lordship of Christ that drives them to lay down life and property to serve.

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