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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rustler Article for October 21, 2010

If forgiveness is the currency of the Kingdom of God, which I believe it is, then the ministry of every believer in their proclamation of the Gospel every day is to practice the forgiveness of the world. Forgiving the world is not excusing the world’s bad behavior, nor is it tolerating unjust action; rather to forgive the world is to boldly identify the fallen nature of our society and to lovingly engage that same culture regardless of its hostility toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To forgive the world is to love the world.
It is crucial to note Jesus’ instructions to his disciples shortly before the crucifixion: he plainly tells them that the world will hate them because the world hates Jesus Christ. We must realize that Jesus went into the world and sent his followers into the world in spite of the world’s antagonism and outright hostility toward God’s Kingdom. We are disciples sent into a world that cannot help itself but to be unmistakably evil. We are thrust with a confrontational Gospel that challenges and defies every power structure man has ever known. Forgiving the world for these things and for the depressing, hateful, exhausting lives it makes some of us lead is the beginning of the Gospel. Without forgiving the world we cannot preach, cannot teach, and cannot worship.
This Sunday we’ll host a church-wide brisket cook-off! Several people have volunteered to cook the meat for us to help us decide who the best brisketeer is at FBC Riesel! Come and share a meal with us and fellowship with a church that emphasizes community in all that we do. The meal will be immediately following Sunday School at 10:00am and worship at 11:00am. We’ll see you there!

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