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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rustler article for October 28th, 2010

A radio station in Waco is having a pledge drive this week to raise money in support of their programming and operational budgets. They interrupt the normal programming (which I listen to every morning and evening on my commute) to beg, plead, guilt, and cajole the listeners to give money in support of their station.
While the interruptions can be quite annoying, the arguments the hosts and guests make in varied attempts to convince me of my obligation to give to their cause got me thinking. Is the church any different than a not-for-profit radio station when it asks for support in the various ways that it does? Does the church not plead, beg and cajole members to open their pocketbooks in the same way?
I see a lot of myself in the arguments the folks on the radio make. They are trying to maintain an organization that is funded entirely by the people who are willing to commit to the mission of that radio station. The church, on the other hand, is more than a radio station and provides more than news. The church is the community of Christ-followers who have committed their lives to the service, study, and worship of God. We believe that contributing to the church is more than “putting our money where our mouth is;” we believe in returning a portion of God’s blessing to us to our Lord so that the Gospel may be proclaimed in our community and around the world.
Yes, we do fundraisers. Yes, the church is an organization that depends on the faithful giving of its members. But what is more, the church is a place to develop that thankful spirit that should abide in all believers for the gift of Jesus Christ.
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