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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rustler Article for 1.13.11

Last Sunday we had one of the most memorable worship services in the last 6 years. In the midst of the rain and generally nasty weather we had last weekend, the power went out just as we were releasing Sunday School classes to go to worship, so we had worship in the dark! I’m not sure that the sermon was anything life changing, but I bet people will remember singing hymns by only the sunlight that was peeking through our sanctuary windows and the relative silence of worship without the hum of a heater or florescent bulbs.
Not lost in the uniqueness of that service was a celebration of Christ’s baptism. We remembered the power of Jesus’ dip into the Jordan and the ratification of his identity and ministry by the Father’s voice and the Spirit’s presence. This week we will remember the Lord’s Supper in a similar way. There is powerful communion to be had in the sharing of the bread and cup together as a church family in remembrance of our Lord.
I think it’s important to cut away the build-up of church life every so often and return to the bedrock commitments that we make as believers to the Lord. We are baptized into his name, family, and body through confession of our sin and faith in his atonement; we are brought into acute fellowship with our Lord through taking the bread and cup. These two acts are reference points and reminders in our journey of faith. Baptism is both the culmination of a life seeking God and the beginning of a new life having found him. The Supper is a special communion with our Lord in his Spirit and with one another who have professed him. We need to share in these events and worship God through them in our obedience to his commands.
Join us this Sunday for Sunday School at 10:00am and worship at 11:00am. We’d love to see you and worship alongside you in this new year.

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