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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rustler Article for 1.20.11

The week of the County Show is a very busy one for our community and for our church as well. We have teachers trying to get children and animals organized; parents find time to shear sheep and prepare the other critters for the show. Overall I think that the show’s value far outweighs the work that goes into its production, but if you ask a frazzled parent about it this week, you might get punched.
God’s word likens the people of God’s family to the sheep of the field. Old Testament prophets like Isaiah compare the wandering nature of humanity to the blind wandering of livestock. God’s people are called dumb, irresponsible, and especially stiff-necked. I wonder if working with the livestock over these last months in preparation for the show this week endeared such language to our people. It turns out that being called a sheep of God’s field might not be the highest compliment we could be paid.
It is by God’s grace that we are included in his flock, that he tolerates our wandering and our rebellion from his way as the Shepherd. Even now we have a tendency to think too highly of ourselves in our civilization, our education, or our finances. Let’s remember that in God’s eyes we are the wandering, oblivious critters of his field included in his Kingdom through the blood of Jesus Christ that even in our sheep-ness we might have redemption and life.
We’ve launched a new website this year at You can find out a lot about our church there; take a moment to look around the site and get acquainted with our ministires!
You should join us this Sunday for Sunday School at 10:00am. We’ve got classes for every age and interest where you and your family can share in the gentle grazing of God’s flock on his Word. After that, stay and worship with us at 11:00am when we come together, young and old, to sing praises to our Lord and hear his Word proclaimed.

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